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Contract Manufacturing or Third Party Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing or Third Party Manufacturing

We make sure that you get the best service & predictively accurate results from us.


  • Choose from a wide-range of product basket for tapping into new business.
  • Availability of custom products with customized packaging.
  • Opening avenues for entering international market world-wide by partnering with contract manufacturers having duly certified/ affiliated facilities with adequate regulatory support.
  • Expanding business with nominal investment.
  • Highly cost-effective by appointing multiple contract manufacturers and minimizing the manufacturing overhead.


Contract Manufacturing or Third Party Manufacturing

Types of Contract Manufacturing Agreement

  • Principle to Principle (P2P)
  • B2B contract manufacturing

Eskag Pharma have own manufacturing License Under Drug and Cosmetics Rule, 1945, and the amendments in place time to time for all its 4 manufacturing units.

  • Own manufacturing License
  • Product permission for domestic
  • Product Permission with COPP for Export
  • WHO-GMP certification by India FDA
Our Procedure

Eskag Pharma Manufacturing Facility In SIDCUL, Haridwar, Uttarakhand (Northern India) Is WHO-GMP Certified.

  • Selection of the contract manufacturer based on various need-based requirements of the buyer which includes capabilities/ factors like manufacturing, QA, regulatory, and technical parameters of cost and timescale. Flexibility for future amendment to contract etc.
  • Deal Negotiation in terms of payment and delivery timeline etc.
  • Contract signing between the buyer and the manufacturer comprising of terms and conditions like Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards adherence/ compliance, rights of termination for both the parties for failure to supply, failure to take contracted volumes, failure to achieve the required standards of quality/compliance, Points related to manufacture, quality, regulatory/ compliance, supply/ delivery while the price agreement consists of details of the product, Label Claim, MOQ, Annual Quantity, Packaging, Packing Specifications and Price as per agreed Incoterms per unit pack.
  • Order Placement with all the requisite terms and conditions by the buyer.
  • Processing and Execution of the order on time by the manufacturer.
  • Supply of ready stock upon fulfillment of payment commitment to buyer’s designated address.
  • Close of Sale.
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