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Eskag Pharma Pvt Ltd

About Eskag Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Eskag Pharma Global is an India-based multinational company that specializes in contract manufacturing. Our products are exported to several countries including Africa, Cambodia, Myanmar, Yemen, Venezuela, and CIS Countries. Additionally, we provide contract manufacturing services for many companies such as BDA Pharma, UNIZA, Stride, JBCPL, Swiss, Caplin Point, AMN Life, Bliss GVS Pharma Ltd, and many more.

Corporate Profile

The purpose of Eskag Pharma Global’s establishment is to offer affordable and comprehensive healthcare solutions to every individual, ensuring excellent health without any compromise on quality.


Eskag Pharma Global is managed by three directors.

Chairman cum Managing Director: Mr. Sunil Kumar Agarwal holds the title of the director with the longest current tenure. He has been on the board for more than 38 years.

Director: Mr. Anil Kumar Agarwal was appointed as a director on 2005. And the most recently appointed director is Mr. Sashreek Agarwal.

Mr. Victor Baishya has joined as Global head of Eskag Pharma.

Journey of Eskag Pharma

Being relatively young in the modern healthcare industry has its distinct advantages, especially with access to a wealth of information that challenges rigid paradigms. When we ventured into formulation manufacturing in 1990, we were well-versed not only in technologies, processes, and GMP benchmarks but also in the significant changes that the industry would undergo. Overall physical well-being would become a higher priority, and healthcare providers would seek to write simpler, uncluttered, yet more effective prescriptions.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to foster healthier communities by prioritizing the vitality of life in all aspects. Our fervent dedication to innovation, societal responsibility, and the well-being of people in communities across the country informs our worldview. We are driven by a vision that unlocks untapped value for all.

The success of Eskag Pharma, a manufacturer and service provider with a combined turnover of ₹ 100 crores, is owed to its visionary approach, powered by the knowledge economy in which it operates. Eskag Pharma aims to target a ₹ 500 crore turnover mark over the next five years.

Our Business Partners
Zuvius Life Science
Orbit Lifescience
Vaishali Pharma Ltd
Uniza Ensuring Global Wellbeing
Swiss Parenterals
Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd
J.B. Chemicals Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Bliss GVS Pharma Limited
BDA Pharma
Shalina Healthcare for Africa
MSN Group of Companies
Gufic Biosciences Limited
Khyati Group
Aura Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Amn Life
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